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This website is strictly a contacts and messaging website. We do not in anyway condone the exchange of money or goods for sexual intercourse or any other sexual act. Any members caught soliciting will be deleted and reported to the authorities.

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We take the issue of adult content on the internet very seriously. We therefore insist that anyone wishing to view this site agrees to the following statement, by ticking the Terms & Conditions box and accepting this agreement and entering this adult website you hereby represent and warrant that the following statements are true:

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You will not allow any person under 18 years old to view any adult content from this website. You will not allow any person who is under the jurisdiction of any municipality, city, state, county, country, or other governmental entity where viewing adult content is prohibited by law, view any adult content on or from this website.

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In addition, you also acknowledge the following:

Your email address will be stored in our database and will not be sold or passed on to third-parties. From time to time you will receive emails informing you of various promotions generated by us or notification that messages have been sent to you from this site.

We cannot be held responsible for the actions of the contacts within the database and we do not endorse the actions of the contacts held within the database.

This site is purely for entertainment purposes only and we make no claims as to the authenticity of the the contacts held within the database or the messages generated. In addition, no meetings are guaranteed or implied and you may be communicating with an operator to enhance the user experience. All photos and descriptions held on this site are in the public domain and we make no claims as to their authenticity.

If you are not satisfied with this web site, or any part of it, your only remedy is to refrain from using it. By using this site, you acknowledge that we shall not be held liable for errors or omissions relating to information on this website. You understand that we shall not be held liable for misprints or errors which occur from type setting the information or the misrepresentation resulting thereof. It is the user's responsibility to verify all information obtained by using this web site. We make no warranty or assume any liability for the use of this web site or for the accuracy of any of the information on this site.

In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special and exemplary damages, or any damages whatsoever, stemming from the use or performance of this web site or from any information, products and services provided through this web site, even if this web site has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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